Finding Peace Without "God"

What I Believe

There are some things I believe and believe in- I believe my husband loves me and I believe in civil rights, but I do not believe that there is no god.  I KNOW that there is no god.  I have accepted it and I have confidence in that fact.  So here is what I am confident about:

I am confident that there is no god.  Zip, zero, zilch.

I am confident that Jesus was a real person, however there was no immaculate conception and he is not the son of god.  He was either a cool guy, a peace loving hippie who just wanted everyone to get along or he was delusional- or at least the people around him were.    Even to this day, there are still “profits” and although not ALL people believe in them, some people do.  It only took SOME people to believe that Jesus was the messiah, not all.

I am confident that nothing happens for a reason.  Things happen.  Life is forever moving.  You can’t stop it.  Regardless of if you turn right or left, you’re still moving and everything around you is moving.  You might get hit by a bus today, you might not.  If you had turned left without looking you’d have definitely been hit, it was coming fast!  But you didn’t, you turned right and there are no buses on this street.   Apply this to everything and you will lead a life of freedom.

I am confident that I am responsible for my actions and my actions alone.  I am also confident that other peoples actions can and will affect me and my actions may affect them.   Sometimes this is good and sometimes it’s bad.

I am confident that  I can be proud of my accomplishments without feeling obligated to give the invisible sky wizard any of the glory.  Furthermore, if I screw something up, it’s my fault, not the red beast’s who lives in the fiery pits of hell.  Therefore I am accountable to and for my actions and need to be aware of how they will affect others.

I am confident that the bible was written by man.  Enough said.

I am confident that many lessons in the bible could be easily swapped out for some fairy tales and the only difference would be a change in the names of the characters.  In fact, most fairy tales have more applicable life lessons than the bible has- why doesn’t god take credit for them?  I mean come on, the story of the little boy who cried wolf is the best story ever written about the consequences of lying.  God should want some props for that!

I am confident that when I die, I will do just that- I’ll die and be dead.   I’m okay with that.  It’ll be just like before I was born.  I won’t know any different.

I am confident that the word “soul” has been misconstrued for centuries.   Your soul is WHO you are, not what you have, physically or spiritually.  I am confident that after you die, other people’s memories of you is what keeps your spirit alive- good or bad.

I am confident that the earth is more than 6,000 years old.  I am also confident that all species have evolved and will continue to evolve.  I’m confident that someday we’ll know for sure how the earth was created but that will only create more questions.  I’m okay with that too.

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