Finding Peace Without "God"

I don’t believe in god

I do believe in myself as well as you and everyone else

I don’t believe things happen for a reason or that they were meant to be

I do believe in working for what you want and that sometimes you don’t get it

I don’t believe in a master plan

I do believe in cause and effect

I don’t believe in salvation

I do believe in living a righteous life

I don’t believe in heaven

I do believe in living in peace; free from guilt and remorse

I don’t believe in the devil

I do believe that bad things happen

I don’t believe in hell

I do believe that living with guilt and a heavy conscience is not living at all

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  1. Beautiful thoughts! Thank you for sharing. More positive atheism, please! 🙂

  2. I have one question. You believe in being righteous and and in peace, but if you don’t believe in God where do you get your morals from? How do you know good from evil? What is it based off of?

    • I’ve gotten this question before, it’s a common response from Christians who can’t see past the bible for answers to life’s questions. I think it’s ridiculous to assume that humans are not capable of knowing what we, as a society, have accepted as “right from wrong”. As an atheist I 100%, without a doubt, believe that the bible was written by humans, both the new and old testament. The old is no different from Greek Mythology- finding answers for things unexplained. The new is simply a realization that the old wasn’t working. Jesus (who I’m fairly certain was a real person who made an impact and managed to leave a legacy- kind of like Abe Lincoln) was the original hippie who tried to teach love and peace over war and sacrifice (animal and human lives to please “god”).

      We don’t need the bible to know how things make us FEEL. Evil is not present because of the bible, it is present because of the negativity it makes us fee. Religion is a fascinating psychology that cannot be seen or understood by those who are believers and I’m confident that there’s nothing I can say that will convince you otherwise. But I promise you, that from my perspective and the perspective of other atheist, it all makes perfect sense.

      • Thank you for your response. You say we can feel the negativity Evil makes us feel. My issue with that is, how do you explain the Jeffrey Dahrmers, Charles Mansons, Adolf Hitlers and so on. People who do “Evil” things. Yes humans can set standards and laws from what’s right and wrong but where did those standards come from? In other cultures people may think and feel its okay to kill their daughters (and they do in some countries) and they may see nothing wrong with that, does that make it ok? Are they not committing something evil because its ok in their country? What makes our standards of what is right from wrong better than theirs? If these concepts are merely social constructions, or human opinions, whose opinion does one trust in determining what is good or bad, right or wrong?

      • The Dahmers and Mansons and Hitlers, etc, were sick. “Evil” is the personification of “bad”. I guess what it boils down to is that the biblical definition of “evil” is not in my vocabulary because there’s no such thing as Satan.

        The people in other countries who kill their daughters are not evil. They have a different value of life than most of us. It’s like a vegan saying that anyone who hunts is evil because the vegan doesn’t believe in eating meat.

        Just because YOU believe the bible is true doesn’t mean that it’s the end all be all for everyone else. The bible is full of the knowledge from some very wise people, I respect it as a book of wisdom, much like many other books I’ve read such as Ishmael.

  3. I’m not sure that you’re getting what I’m asking, as you have not answered my question.  You have brought up the bible and how that’s not where you get your morals from, but I have not asked about or brought up the bible in our discussion. What I am asking is where you DO get your morals from. 
    You also said that Hitler , Dahmer and so on are sick “bad” people but you also said that it was okay for people in other countries to kill their children because they’re values are different. So if you believe in moral relativism then how can you say that Hitler is bad? He didn’t think he was doing something wrong and his values were different, just like the values of the parents who kill their daughters are different. 

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