Finding Peace Without "God"


When I set out to write this blog I didn’t really have a goal. I was mostly just venting out of frustration from all of the Christian propaganda that surrounds me. After a couple of conversations with other atheists that I met on twitter, I realized that I did not want to become and angry atheist and therefore my plan was to focus on offering alternative ways of thinking without name calling or hitting below the belt. I am not a mean or spiteful person- quite the opposite in fact. It takes a lot to make me angry and even when I am angry I usually keep it to myself, or at least take time to cool off before addressing the issue. However, I am quickly learning that keeping my cool is going to be hard for me on this subject. Not because I don’t like Christians, but because I don’t like being told that I don’t know the “truth” about Christianity or what it takes to be Christian.

I know good and well how it works.

My ultimate goal was: to not be offensive to anyone. While I realize that this is an unattainable goal since religious views are very personal and it’s near impossible not to take what I say personally– I can still strive for that goal.

What I find scary and worrisome is that I might offend someone who I know and love. This is why I decided to keep this blog anonymous, well that and I don’t want to lose my job. But mostly because I don’t want to lose the friends that I cherish. It’s hard because I really do feel the things I say, but I don’t mean them at the people I love. They are not the ones saying the things that make me so angry. I’m not being two-faced, I’m just fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who, no matter their beliefs, are accepting of my own.

I guess, my point is- if you are a personal friend of mine and you read this blog, please don’t think that I ever think poorly of you or your beliefs. I may not agree with your religion but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you.

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